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Getting the Right Angle

  The first time I went up and took pictures, I couldn’t get the angle right. I had been commissioned to paint a friend’s house. There were trees on the curb of the house entirely covering the street view and … Continue reading

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If you sit there long enough, something will happen.

That was the advice we received from the man at the front desk. We were camped in between Yellowstone National Park and Teton National Park. He said just head up the road. The campgrounds are closed because of the sequester … Continue reading

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Quotes from the Trail

  “Andrew, she needs to tie her shoe.” “Save your energy for the way out.” “I have to hang up the phone, Mom. I’m on the side of a cliff.” Mike from New York, “My momma taught me, you only … Continue reading

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Waking up in a Fog

Some mornings you wake up and the clouds have pressed down close to the earth. It appears that you are going to be wandering around all day in a fog. You want to go on a hike? How can you … Continue reading

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