A Package Full of Thanks

Pein-Air painting Bountiful Main Street

Pein-Air painting Bountiful Main Street

About a year ago I did an artist-in-residence at Greenville Elementary. We were creating art for the “Art in Transit” program. The art from the high schools and elementarys are displayed on and in a bus.
The Art in Transit Bus

The Art in Transit Bus

They wanted the art to tie into the curriculum they were studying. The other day I ended up in Logan and was able to catch the bus with the art work. It was so fun to see the students art printed and displayed in the bus.
Student art inside the bus

Student art inside the bus

Sometimes you get a lot of critiquing when you are doing children’s books. My favorite critiquing is done by the students I teach. Here are a few excerpts.
“Thank you for chosing my school for the art thing. I am very thankfull. My favoret thing to do is art so this was fun. From Kaeli
Student art displayed in the bus

Student art displayed in the bus

“Thank you for helping us to draw stuff. I really liked it. It was super duper fun.” From Jack
“Thank you so so so so much for teaching us how to do art. You’re AWSOME. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.” From Lauren
“Thank-you for coming to my school (greenville). You are very good at art. You are the best art teacher ever. I hope you can come again soon.” From a student Adele
Thank you cards

Thank you cards

“Thank you for helping us drow and Paint. My favifort thing was dipping the fethers in the colerful water. Thank you for helping us draw the Native Amerians and Paniting them.” From Katelyn
“Thank you for helping us become better dawers. I miss you.” From Lauren
A lot of the cards had portraits of Native Americans and chuckwallas drawn. When students draw, they remember the lesson.
So a big thank you from the students at Greenville for putting a smile on my face.
Blue Ribbon award winner "Old Glory" received 1st place in the watercolor division at the Utah State Fair.

Blue Ribbon award winner “Old Glory” received 1st place in the watercolor division at the Utah State Fair.

A little bit of show news, “Old Glory” won the blue ribbon at the Utah State Fair in watercolor.

About Sherry Meidell

Sherry Meidell is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society Western Federation Watercolor Society and the Utah Watercolor Society. She loves to paint with watercolor whether she is painting pictures or illustrating children's picture books. She is a member of SCBWI. Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
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6 Responses to A Package Full of Thanks

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hey, Sherry! i see you still have your fabulous gift for Watercolor! Congrats on your 1st Place win at the State Fair!

  2. Dave says:

    Good stuff happening, cutie. The bus art work is fun.

  3. Anna Rayl says:

    That is really neat, way to go. What fun for the kids to have their pictures on a bus. When I was in young women’s, the 12 ward young people we painted the back of a simi truck for the centinal year. It was great to see it on the road

    • Yes, I thought that was a fun way to go Anna. They are going to have the bus come over to the school so the students can all go in and see their art. That would be fun to paint on the back of a semi truck.

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