Looky There


“Looky There” Accepted into National Watercolor Society’s Membership Show

So the latest “thing” is getting rid of clutter and keeping those things that give you joy. Sometimes you have to share the things that bring you joy with others. If you’re an artist, you have to send those things out into the world for others to see. It brings great satisfaction when others see and enjoy what you have put into your art.

My watercolor painting, “Looky There” 21 1/2” x 29” is heading to San Pedro, California for the National Watercolor Society’s Membership Show. I tried to capture the feeling of this grandmother alone with her dog. I wonder where they are looking? And what are they looking at? There is a mood of being alone in her space and seeing more than what we can see. The show will hang April 4 through June 2, 2019.

P.S. I’m trying to clean out my studio a bit. There is a problem. It is filled with things that bring me joy


Visual Joy


About Sherry Meidell

Sherry Meidell is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society Western Federation Watercolor Society and the Utah Watercolor Society. She loves to paint with watercolor whether she is painting pictures or illustrating children's picture books. She is a member of SCBWI. Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
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33 Responses to Looky There

  1. Verlene West says:

    DONT DO IT. !!! Don’t throw your favorite stuff out. What will make you happy then ??? Stuff people need their stuff. I know, I am one.

  2. Don’t worry Verlene, I’m keeping my stuff. It makes my studio what it is.


    Congrats!!! You go girl!!

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  4. olsenmom says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SHERRY!!! How exciting! 🎉🎉🎉 Love you 😍!

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Love the piece, and it brings me joy to see the things that bring Joy:)

  6. Such sensitivity expressed in this lovely painting. There’s a long history for this woman, now old and maybe lonely, taking pleasure in little things and all of her memories. Your painting tells an entire story, an entire life. No wonder it was accepted for the show.

  7. love the painting. Love the keeping that stuff on the window, too.

  8. Love this painting. There’s emotion in every aspect of it, from the woman to the dog to even the background.
    Congrats, and soon everyone will be looking there! 😉

  9. Nice…..
    Check out stuffs in my blog as well. I hope you like it

  10. Nice painting.. Love it 😘

  11. yumna says:

    This painting kind of exhibits the grace of old age. Secrets known now looked upon.

  12. Lovely painting. It makes me want to know what they’re thinking. I’m sure every viewer will have their own thoughts. To me they’re waiting for a visitor.

  13. Manicures and Cocktails says:

    You are a very talented painter!


  14. This painting reminds me of Norman Rockwell. Just so intimate. So beautiful.

  15. Seema Rehman says:

    Great job … !
    You are a great writer and you inspire the world with your work.Keep going…👍

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  17. Love this painting! What a sweet bond❤️

  18. that is very pretty I am starting to draw like this painting

  19. i am inspired by this picture it is amazing

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