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The artist has a tendancy to want to stay isolated in their studio and work on their paintings or illustrations. You can’t get the work done unless you are in your studio working but there is a great deal you … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

What drives an artist to create? What causes them to want to draw or paint so much that they think they should pick up a pencil and try to capture the impossible. Sometimes those goals drive us to spend hours … Continue reading

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Is There Only One Way to Tell The Story? I’ve always loved telling stories. Whether it is with a nice watercolor painting or as I create characters for children’s books, it’s the telling of the story with art that I … Continue reading

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Artist on a Mission – Making Straightway On a Zigzagged Course

This character has been growing in my imagination. I’ve worked with how this little bear should look. You have to dive into the work and get started before you can make any progress. Here is your goal and you start … Continue reading

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