Demo for Utah Watercolor Society

steadfastsisters copy

Steadfast Sisters

Ngong Road 15" x 11" watercolor

Ngong Road 15″ x 11″ watercolor

Red Array 20″ x 50″ watercolor on canvas

February Fisherman

White Poppies 14"x21.5" limited edition giclee print

White Poppies 14″x21.5″ limited edition giclee print

Apple Blossum 8"x10" watercolor (sold)

Apple Blossum 8″x10″ watercolor (sold)

Powered by Steam (sold)

Powered by Steam (sold)

A Little Off the Top 21.5"x17.5" watercolor

A Little Off the Top 21.5″x17.5″ watercolor

The Flower Keep 16"x22" watercolor (sold)

The Flower Keep 16″x22″ watercolor (sold)

Hyrum House 10"x14" watercolor (sold)

Hyrum House 10″x14″ watercolor (sold)

Spring Thaw 14.5"x22" watercolor

Spring Thaw 14.5″x22″ watercolor

Panguitch Winter 16"x14"

Panguitch Winter 16″x14″

Fish Food Factory 14.5"x22" watercolor

Fish Food Factory 14.5″x22″ watercolor

Driving Durango 11.5" x 15.5" watercolor (sold)

Driving Durango 11.5″ x 15.5″ watercolor (sold)

Daydreaming in Durango 16"x22" watercolor

Daydreaming in Durango 16″x22″ watercolor

2 Responses to Watercolors

  1. Lorry Vassar says:

    Hi, Your illustrations and paintings are wonderful. I was wondering what surface you paint on? Really nice work.

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