My husband and I have raised five sons in Utah. When the boys were little they would bring home an assortment of wild creatures, such as a mother snake that surprised everybody the next morning with a large number of baby snakes. Frogs and dogs and iguanas would escape and be discovered in the upper reaches of their mother’s bedroom closet. The iguana got bigger and so did the boys.

I keep my paint brushes busy illustrating picture books and painting watercolors. I love to turn a page of well written words into characters and images that live in a book. I attended Utah Technical College in commercial art and after graduation worked in advertising but soon attended children’s book conferences and began working on my first book dummies. The first book I illustrated was “ The ABC’s of Uniforms and Outfits” written by Barbara Williams published in 1992 by Winston Derek Publishers in Nashville, Tennessee. I have illustrated nine picture books since then.  I’ve been the Illustrator Coordinator for the Utah/So.Idaho Region of  The Society of Children’s Book Writer’s & Illustrators, a signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society and a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and a signature member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

In May of 2007 I traveled to Kenya Africa and visited St. Catherine’s School at Naivasha where I painted murals on the back of three classrooms and talked to the students about illustrating books. Each book is an adventure.


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  2. Rebecca Thomas says:

    Your work is wonderful! I am looking for an illustrator for a couple of poster ideas and possibly a children’s poetry book or a few poems I’ve written that could be made into a children’s book. Looking at all that you are involved with, as well as the quality of your work, I realize that you can be choosey about who you will work with. I would like to send you a few examples of what I do to see if you would have any interest in illustrating them. I haven’t gone through your entire site yet, so you may have already given me the information I’m looking for and I just haven’t found it yet. Thank you for your time. Art like yours brings much needed smiles to this world. Thanks for the one you gave me.

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